Let’s get one thing straight: you’re brilliant.  Got it?  Good.

Your skills and talents are what keep your business running. You are the expert in your business.

You also want to be doing more online but often spend more time working in your business rather than on it. You probably have a website and maybe even a social media profile or 10 - but your strategy may be more “set and forget” rather than actively using these channels to grow your business.

Gone are the days when your website, or even Facebook, just acted like a digital billboard or business card. And thank goodness for that! Now, you can use your online presence to bring business to you.

We are going to get your website, social media and emails to deliver you new business. 24x7. Move over, Richard Branson.

But first, we need to get all the moving parts working together to make that happen.  That's where I come in...

Building Your Foundation - Getting Started Online

Pulling together your digital ecosystem requires some basic building blocks.

Websites, email marketing and providing relevant and valuable information (content) all make up the basic pieces of your digital marketing engine. To build a solid foundation, we need to make sure these pieces are set up and working correctly.

Website Review - $249

Have you had your website for awhile now and you're not sure whether it's performing as well as it could be? Or have you built a new site and you're not seeing much traffic to the site or new leads being generated from it?

We will go through your website and test for user flow, broken links and best practice marketing. You will be provided with a report to see where your website is performing well and where it needs improvement. We will also include suggestions on how to fix those weaknesses.​

Create a Lead Magnet - $499

Your website is working beautifully. Yay! At this stage, it’s important to remember that more than 90% of all new website visitors are just “having a look” and aren’t ready to buy from you yet. Your goal here is to capture their email address so you can continue the conversation with them.

Wait? You say that you already have a newsletter signup form on your site?

Sit down - this is gonna hurt: No one wants to sign up to a newsletter. Who needs more irrelevant emails in their Inbox?

HOWEVER, creating something of value shows your prospects that you understand their needs better than anyone and will keep them coming back for your expertise.

So, the next step down the garden path is to build this lead magnet (aka an opt in). You provide your potential customers with this really valuable piece of useful information they can use right now. They feel the love and begin to trust you. Pure magic.

We will develop a 1 page downloadable lead magnet document that gives your target customer something really juicy they can use to make their lives better - straight away. We also build the entire lead magnet process into your website, set up a thank you email and test all of the elements to make sure you can share your brilliance and expertise with people. Even while you sleep. (Told you it was magic.)​

Build a Nurture Sequence - $399

Your potential customers have come to your website. They’ve taken the first step in the relationship and committed to it by giving you their email address. Or maybe they’ve even purchased something from you. This is a big deal. You have been given the gift of their attention. What you do next is important. Make it something beautiful.

Would you like to create a series of welcome emails for new members? Are you keen to show your website visitors the best posts from your blog and explain how to put that info into action? Do you want to offer products that would complement a recent purchase? 

Creating a nurture sequence for your prospects and/or customers can build trust with your prospects and customers and ultimately lead to more conversions and more revenue.

We identify your lead nurturing goals and build a series of emails to walk your prospects "down the garden path" to become a satisfied, paying customer.​ Your emails will be trackable within your analytics and CRM (if you have one) so you can see which links performed the best and what information your prospects are most interested in.​

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Part of building a successful digital presence is making sure that everyone is singing from the same song sheet.

Perhaps you have some of these elements in place and you need some strategic direction to make your digital efforts work seamlessly. Or maybe you need a combination of these packages to implement for the launch of an upcoming product or event.

Do you want someone on hand to implement your regular marketing activities; social media posting, weekly/fortnightly/monthly newsletter prep and send, campaign building for a new product, etc?

Everything Is Marketing is available for a number of larger projects each year. We have both 10 hour and 20 hour monthly packages available, with a minimum 3 month commitment so we can get some traction. We can discuss your project to see if having an extra marketing resource without the cost of staff works best for you. You will be surprised at how cost effective this can be.