Digital Marketing and Email Automation

Connect with and serve your clients better, even if you're not a techie person.

Technology isn't going away. But it doesn't have to be hard.

Everything Is Marketing provides support with email automation, digital marketing, social media, and content strategy for small and micro businesses who are frustrated by technology.

Emails, newsletters, blogs, social media posts - there’s a lot to keep track of. You may have researched or read about what you 'should' be doing online, but knowing where to start can feel a little overwhelming.

Providing useful content to your customers is necessary if you want to build a strong relationship with them and turn them into your biggest fans. But it can feel time-consuming. Do you need some help connecting with your customers?

We Work Alongside You in Your Business

As a small business owner, you may not have the budget to bring on a full time marketing resource. You may need help in developing a strategy to grow your business or you may need someone to implement a nurture sequence, kick off a social media campaign or dig deeper into your analytics to find out which of your marketing efforts is most effective.

Or you might feel like you're chasing your tail with your marketing - trying a bit of this and a bit of that.  

You're not entirely sure you're focussing on the right things and you need a cohesive strategy to move your business in the right direction. 

By working together, we'll look at a where you're at and how to take the next steps.

Areas of Marketing Support

  • ​Identifying your business goals
  • Aligning your business goals with the development of your content marketing strategy
  • Defining your buyer personas
  • Analysing your existing content
  • Creating a content calendar
  • Automating your marketing emails
  • Pinpointing key SEO touch points to ensure your brand is being seen by the right clients
  • Analysing your traffic and data to make smart marketing decisions for your next campaign
  • Developing your next campaign
  • Measuring the success of your marketing efforts

 Support for Digital Marketing & Email Automation